The Terex Fuchs range of material handlers are robust and extremely flexible, ideally suited to rugged heavy duty handling in scrap, recycling, ports and timber applications

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Port Handling

Ports have progressively evolved from functioning as simple handling sites to operating as processing units handling complex logistics services.  

Terex Fuchs recognised this trend and now offers a range of fully flexible and customisable solutions across a range of mobile and stationary material handlers.  From the MHL 350 through to the MHL 380 mobile wheeled loaders to the crawler track mounted equivalents, Fuchs offer a wide range of mobile options with varying lift and reach capacities. Where a stationary option is required, Terex Fuchs application centre can design bespoke handlers to suit your needs.

A key feature of our port handling machines is the unparalleled panoramic views from the cabin of the Terex Fuchs cab. Depending on the model, the cab can be elevated up to a height of 7.20 metres, where the operator is able to continuously and reliably monitor their work surroundings. Moreover a definite plus for port applications is offered by the model dependent cranked boom that makes it possible to carry out loading and unloading procedures from and into holds directly beneath sheer sidings.

The Terex Fuchs material handlers offer flexibility across diverse applications in port logistics, providing an optimal link between ship, quayside, road transport, train, conveyor belt and/or storage facility

Setting new boundaries in Port logistics

Timber Handling

Manoeuvrability and speed are of the essence for timber and sawmill operations to run at optimal efficiency. The undercarriage, which is specifically designed for timber handling, incorporates a prominent rear boom articulation that ensures powerful lifting force and impressive performance and stability during cornering and driving.

A highlight of Terex Fuchs engineering is live heel kinematics which permits an off centre grab that nonetheless results in the precise, horizontal alignment of logs.  An ingenious aid in the precise placement of long logs.  Timber blades can be mounted on the undercarriage for swift lane clearance and to align logs.

Pick & Carry Machines


Renowned worldwide for their excellence in scrap handling, Terex Fuchs machines are designed specifically for the rugged, heavy duty scrap and metal recycling environment.  Scrap handling requires a robust handler which guarantees manoeuvrability where heavy loads can be handled with ease.  The robust design of the Terex Fuchs material handlers, with their solid undercarriage and strong steel structure, ensure unrivalled stability and performance in such applications. 

Additionally, the unique throwing action of the Terex Fuchs boom enables material to be stockpiled and moved around with greater ease, increasing the operational performance for the operator.

Leaders in scrap handling


When it comes to a material handler for a recycling application, the key attributes are efficiency, flexibility, performance, resilience and speed of cycles. 

Terex Fuchs machines offer everything that’s required for effective, high volume handling on open terrain or in an indoor setting. Whether it being sorting material on the floor or loading a waste system, shredder or the like, Terex Fuchs handlers offer stability and a high load capacity even when operated within an extended work radius.

Fuchs handlers are designed with loading hydraulics that are smooth, yet precise and fast, structural robustness for heavy loads and engines that are as economical as they are powerful.
Additional key components that are intrinsically linked to the recycling sector where machines are often working in enclosed environments include height and reach sensors, reversible fans and cabs that are protected against excess pressure. These specific features coupled by the exceptional performance capabilities and mobility make Terex Fuchs the number one choice for many recycling professionals.

Improve your recycling efficiency