Fuchs MHL 250


The new Terex Fuchs MHL 250 waste handler has been specifically designed for the UK waste market to enable operators to experience the benefits of the Fuchs handling technology.

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With an operating weight of 14-15.5t excluding attachment, this compact handler offers exceptional productivity with unrivalled handling and manoeuvrability.  Designed specifically for waste handling applications, the new MHL 250 is an ideal machine for those looking for mobility, performance, efficiency and reliability in a small material handler.

If you want to know what the future holds for material handling within the recycling industry, then look no further than the new MHL2 series from Terex-Fuchs. 

This is Terex Fuchs uncompromising response to the ever increasing demands made by recycling operators here in the UK.  Instead of refitting existing machine designs,

Terex-Fuchs have took a step back and specifically designed the MHL2 to meet the challenges and conditions that exist in the recycling sector.

As a result, The MHL250 will be the first model of the new 2 series to hit the market. In spite of its compact design, the MHL250 offers operators an excellent viewing level, unique for machines of this class. Three different heights of cab position are available in the standard version. As an option, the cab can even be raised hydraulically to a viewing level of 5.20 m. This gives operators an unrivalled view into containers and onto walking floors to maximise productivity.

In order to accommodate the typically diverse conditions in the recycling sector, Terex-Fuchs has extended its new modular design system to include the MHL250.  Starting with the standard superstructure, the loading system and undercarriage can be combined or extended as required. For the undercarriage, the following configurations are available: with support shield only, with two support shields and with 2-point or 4-point supports. This enables the MHL250 to adapt to individual requirements on site both reliably and precisely.

The tyres, specifically tailored to the MHL250, feature exceptionally stable side walls for additional stability – even when operating without static supports. As a

result, this machine is highly manoeuvrable and flexible in its application, even though its long reach means that it seldom needs to be moved. 

The optional cooling system with two physically separated radiators is entirely new to this class of machine. This exceptional high performance system keeps

the operating temperature of the MHL250 at an ideal level – a particularly important feature in recycling environments with high dust loads. The radiators are designed for easy maintenance and are quick and safe to clean. The diesel particle filter (DPF) fitted as standard is state of the art and ensures a significantly improved working environment, which benefits both on-site personnel as well as the environment. Low fuel consumption and long service intervals mean running costs are kept to affordable levels. 

These technical benefits, together with an attractive price, make the MHL250 a top material handler for recycling, with an outstanding price / performance ratio.