Compost Turners

Compost turners are commonly used world wide to improve the efficincy of organics recycling process. Backhus are the worlds leading manufacturer of turners with their range of windrow turners, side turners, straddle turners, lane turners and bridge turners for various composting applications.

Product Listings

Backhus 21 Series

The Backhus 21 Series is the worlds most commonly used compost turner.  The combination of large turning capability and exceptional fuel consumption, make the 21 series an excellent choice for the large scale compost producers. 

The 21 Series windrow turner boasts a high tech cabin which is easily accessed and provides the operator with an extremely comfortable working environment.

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Backhus 21 Series Turner

Backhus 16.30 Turner

The Backhus 16.30 is a small ride on turner which is extremely versatile and offers excellent throughput capacities.  Based on the proven technologies of the larger Backhus turners, the 16.30 utilises cutting edge technologies common in the 17 series.

The 16.30 is ideally suited to small scale operations right through to larger volume operators. The beauty of the 16.30 lies with its versatility as it can easily be loaded onto a small trailor for transportation between sites.

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Backhus 16.30 Turner

Backhus Lane Turner

Backhus Lane Turner - for the fully- or semi-automated plant
. The LT model is ideally suited to enclosed applications and indoor plants such as MBT or in vessel composting setups where turning is required within a controlled closed door environment.

It offers high efficiency and turning performance and combines great economy, low maintenance and long life for composting, bioremediation and MSW treatment between lane walls or in tunnels.

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Backhus LT Lane Turner