Doppstadt Trommels

At Blue we offer the world renowned Doppstadt range of SM trommel screens which use the rotating drum method of screening.

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SM Trommel

The Doppstadt SM series of trammel screens offer a highly efficient separation for various material types.  The fields of applications vary from top soil, construction waste and compost to the removal of fines from waste.  Designed with productivity and durability in mind, the Doppstadt trommels, known as the SM series are extremely reliable and are easy to maintain.  The SM series varies in length and diameter of the screen from the SM 414 to the SM 720 depending on application. 

SM Trommel

This compact trommel screen machine stands out for maximum flexibility and minimum lead time. Compost, bark, wood chips, earth excavation, or gravel - whatever material needs to be processed, the SM 414 is fully equipped and operational within just 20 minutes.

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Doppstadt SM414

The Doppstadt SM 518 is one of the best selling trommel screens Globally, thanks to its outstanding cost efficiency and exceptional performance.  Suitable for screening the most difficult of materials, the Doppstadt SM 518 trommel operates using the rotating drum philosophy where the size of aperture dictates the final products screened. 

The smaller fraction fall through the holes as fines, with the oversized material being collected via belt at the end. The patented, load-sensing material feed enables an optimum utilisation of the large screening surface of 22,5 m².

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Doppstadt SM 518

The Doppstadt SM 620 trommel screen is renowned worldwide for its versatility and exceptional throughput capacity. As one of the most widely used trommel screens in the industry Globally, the Doppstadt SM 620 trommel is at home in a wide range of applications including wood processing, compost, MSW, sand, soil and other applications which involve the removal of finely sized materials. 

The screening of the most difficult materials can be carried out by the rotating drum with various media options in terms of aperture size and design.

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Doppstadt SM 620

A multi-use machine known throughout the world for its excellent throughput. Its applications include screening of waste wood, compost, bark mulch, soil, sand to remove finer materials from the input. Rotating drums can be purchased in various sizes to match up with the application that the machine is being used for.

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Doppstadt SM620K

The Doppstadt SM 720 trommel screen is the largest machine in the Doppstadt SM trommel range.  As the largest model in the range, the Doppstadt SM720 offers exceptional throughput capacity thanks to its 7m long screening drum. 

Similar to all the Doppstadt SM trommels, the SM 720 works on the rotating drum principal where the size of material removed is dictated by the size of aperture holes in the drum screen.

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Doppstadt SM 720

SM Star Screen

The new Doppstadt SM 1200 is a revolutionary new powerful star screen.  With 2 separate screening decks dividing the material in 3 different fractions, the SM 1200 star screen is a extremely efficient working on a number of different materials.

The regular rotation of the star elements loosens, recirculates and transports the material. By means of different star shaft speeds the material can be torn apart. Then, the coarse, medium and fine fraction are discharged by 3 separate conveyors.

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Doppstadt SM Star 1200