Blue offer the complete range of Marathon balers including the world renowned TIEger auto tie model and the twin ram Galaxy 2RAM models.  Our range of horizontal, closed end and auto tie balers are ideally suited to baling all recycled commodities such as waste, cardboard, papers, plastics, metals and cans

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Blue Group offer the complete range of Marathon balers, from the large volume Galaxy two ram to the mid-size manual feed horizontal closed end Gemini Xtreme model. For all your baling needs, come to Blue.

Our balers are ideally suited to baling waste, cardboard, papers, plastics, metals and cans.


The Marathon ATLAS Series of balers is the most affordable, highly efficient, mid-size balers for non-ferrous scrap available on the market.  With heavy-duty and stress engineered construction, the Marathon Atlas offers superior size to weight ratio to meet the demands of scrap metal baling applications. 

The specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates pre-cutting of most materials.

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Marathon Atlas

Marathon Galaxy2R twin ram balers have a separate ram for compressing recyclable material against a fixed wall and a second ram for ejecting the finished bale.

Galaxy2R Two-Ram Balers are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit all baling applications including scrap dealers, material recovery facilities (MRF), recycling centres, distribution centres, large paper and plastic processors, and much more.

Marathon Two RAM balers feature designs and innovations not seen in any other two ram baler on the market. Structurally, they are designed for strength, endurance and offer a superior size to weight ratio.

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Marathon Galaxy 2RAM

Marathons TIEger Series open end auto tie balers have numerous features not found on other auto-tie balers. The patented gear twister is the most exciting technology to hit the baler industry in the past decade.

This tier uses highly efficient gear twisters, which means there are no twister hooks and no pigtails.

This amounts to more than a 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs. The significant amount saved can itself typically justify the purchase of a TIEger baler.

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Marathon TIEger Auto Tie

Marathon were the first to develop and remain the only company to offer the unique side eject baler.  This horizontal baler is designed for applications requiring multi material capability, and medium throughput capacity where there are space constraints.

The Marathon Side-Eject Baler ejects the bale perpendicular to the baler utilizing the patented bale server island. The server island ejects the bale and positions it to be easily picked up by a forklift or pallet jack.

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Marathon Side Eject Baler

Marathon's Gemini Xtreme balers are moderate duty, closed end horizontal balers that allow you to process a variety of material such as PET, aluminium or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and similar material.  Because bales are tied vertically, no fluffing or preconditioning is required

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Marathon Gemini Xtreme