Static Doppstadt

The Doppstadt grinders stand out for their free-swinging flaif holders with separately replaceble wearing tools and the heavy gyrating mass of the flail drum working at approx. 1,000 rpm.

Easy maintenance thanks to large protection doors on all sides, separate drives for scraper floor and feed-in roller optimizing the material feed and the throughput. Wide range of possible applications as all the shredding tools of the mobile doppstadt series can be used.

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Static Slow Speed Shredders

Blue Group are delighted to offer the entire range of Doppstadt static shredders for all pre-shredding and volume reduction applications. The DW static range mirrors the ever popular mobile range of robust slow speed shredders and offer exceptional performance across all shredding tasks.

the stationary shredders of the DW series stand out for the high throughput and the lumpy structure of the shredded materials . an adjustment to different specific condi-
tions of the plant design is possible thanks to the connections in the feeding and discharge areas .

Static Slow Speed Shredders

Similar to the mobile versions of the DW slow speed shredders, the electric powered Doppstadt DW 206 Ceron is a static slow speed shredder which works on the single-shaft principle.

Predominantly used for a pre-shred or an initial coarse volume reduction of materials such as MSW waste, industrial waste, waste wood and mixed construction waste.

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DW 206 Ceron

The Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron single-shaft static slow speed shredder is capable of high throughput and is ideally suited to most waste shredding applications.

From pre-shredding MSW waste and C&I material, to shredding waste wood and mixed construction waste, the Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron static shredder is capable of excellent volume reduction. The extremely robust steel construction with fixing points for the drive unit, the quickly replaceable shredding tools and other easy to access components guarantee maximum performance and a long service life. All wear parts are easily accessible for maintenance and are made of wear resistant steel for long wear life.

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DW 306 Ceron

Move slowly, bite hard: The DW 256 CERON takes full advantage of this well-tried strategy and always comes up with a particularly strong performance, even when processing the most difficult material.

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DW 256 Ceron

Static High Speed Shredders

Doppstadts high speed shredder range offer various throughput capabilities depending on applications.

The shredders of the AK and NZ series reduce the material by means of the large flail drum . the free-swinging flails inside, provided with replaceable wearing tips, grind the material tearing it along the baffle plate . according to the demands on the throughput capacity and the material size, various mesh sizes of the grinding basket are available .

Static High Speed Shredders

The Doppstadt AK 435 E high speed shredder is the electronic static version of arguably the world’s most popular mobile high speed the Doppstadt AK 435.

Based on the same design, the AK 435 E accomplishes its tasks by the free swinging flail principle combined with the grinding basket. The Doppstadt AK 435 E can quickly be changed for various different applications due to the various, quickly replaceable tools. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by V-belt drive of the flail drum and hydraulic drive of the additional components.

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AK 435E

The Doppstadt NZ 180 static high speed shredder is used for various grinding tasks. The NZ 180 electric powered shredder processes material by the free-swinging flail mallet principle combined with the grinding basket to predetermine the output material size.

Thanks to various, quickly replaceable tools, the Doppstadt NZ 180 can easily be adjusted to process different material specifications quickly. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by V-belt drive of the flail drum and hydraulic drive of the additional components. Therefore the NZ 180 is a compact mid to high volume Doppstadt high speed shredder that can form part of a plant or be directly fed to produce high specification materials.

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NZ 180

RDF Shredder

RDF Shredder

The Doppstadt DF 307 Rotaro RDF and SRF shredder is an especially efficient single shaft secondary shredder for the processing of derived fuel products and other materials.

The robust steel body and simple assembly guarantees a long lifespan and the smooth running of the machine. High rotor mass increases the energy efficiency of the drive since torque peaks do not have to be compensated for by electric drives alone. The rotor is driven by two three-phase AC motors power coupled to the rotor by drive belts.

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Doppstadt DF 307 Rotaro

Static Trommels

Doppstadt offer an extensive range of static trammel screens for all applications. All Doppstadt static trommels can be integrated into existing or new waste systems or used as standalone entities for more simple screening operations.

Available from 3 metre long up to 15 metre, with variable diameter options for larger screening areas, all Doppstadt trommels can be custom made for your specific requirements. Additionally, drums can be configured according to the material type and output specification required with punch plate apertures determining the splits obtained. Split drums are also available upon request.

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Static SM Trommel range

Other Equipment

The Doppstadt static range is extensive and includes most of the technologies available on the renowned mobile range. As well as the hugely popular slow and high speed shredders, trommels and RDF fine shredder, the static range from Doppstadt includes a number of other technologies.

Doppstadt static equipment range also includes products such as screw presses for organic separation, star screens, mixers, feed hoppers and link conveyors to ensure turn key solutions.

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Other Static Equipment